About Ascot

Ascot Amsterdam was established in 2012 and is the dedicated sales office of the “cocoa for a better life”-associations in West Africa. In words, “Ascot” stands for Associated Cocoa Trading. In philosophy, it stands for the empowerment of farmer organizations by forward and sustainable integration in the cocoa chain.


Our objectives are to bring together and strengthen all parts of the cocoa supply chain, from farmer to customer, and to guarantee transparency in the production of our high quality cocoa.

We do this by channelling, commercialising and professionalising the output of associated cocoa producers from West Africa. Sustainability and certification are key. This forms a continuous, transparent and reliable basis for the worldwide grinding and chocolate market.

This is “cocoa for a better life” – to make cocoa farming attractive again for current and future generations.

Certified & sustainable

Ascot stands for quality conventional cocoa, certified by UTZ and Rainforest Alliance (RFA), and produced through our unique “cocoa for a better life”-model. This model is based on proper training and education, which is provided by our associations. It enables cocoa farmers to strike better deals for a better product. The Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA, founded in Ghana in 2008) currently represents a total of 8400 farmers in their respective home countries.